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What Is A No Contract Cell Phone Plan?

More and more people these days switch to No Contract mobile phone plans. Let’s look at the most common questions concerning this type of cell phone services.

We are used to standard 1- or 2-year cell phone contracts. However, they are currently moving towards the past, while the no contract plans are taking over. A no contract plan is the one that does not put any contract obligations on the users. With such a plan, you either pay as you go or make a payment every month, depending on how actively you are using the services.

In other words, you pay for as long as you want to keep using the service. Here are some key features and aspects you should know about:

  • No contract plans offer more options for different users depending on how heavily they use the services. Light users can find plans that cost only $10 a month. These include only the basic necessities (like unlimited talk time or a small number of texts). Meantime, heavy users can get an unlimited plan (which might even include mobile data) for around $50 a month.
  • They do not require credit checks. This means you can get any cell phone plan no matter what your credit history looks like.
  • You can keep your old phone number, even if it used to be tied to a contract plan. Many no contract providers offer a free service of linking your old number to the new plan. This means you can stay in touch with everyone without the fuss of updating your contact info.
  • No contract plan providers, in the majority of cases and across the majority of areas, offer a very good and clear connection with high data speeds. Usually, no contract providers are the MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), which means they are using other company’s big cellular networks and towers.
  • Typically, no contract plans are cheaper than the contract ones. This can be explained by the fact that no contract operators are usually the MVNOs. They don’t have to spend money to maintain their towers, which results in lower prices for the services they provide.

How To Choose A No Contract Cell Phone Plan?

Choose-A-No-Contract-Cell-Phone-Plan Because there are many no contract providers and a ton of different cell phone plans, picking just one might be challenging and very time-consuming. The key here is to determine how much service you need and find a plan that would work for you.

So, start by figuring out what your requirements are and what exactly you need. Do you use mobile data? Do you require extra texts? Do you talk a lot on the phone and need unlimited talk minutes? Do you need some extras like roaming or carry-on minutes (the ability to transfer the unused minutes to the next month’s package)?

The good news is, no matter what requirements you have, chances are there is a perfect plan for you. This is what wins numerous users over: no contract cell phone plans offer different combinations of services, and the variety of options is very impressive.

What might help you make up your mind is checking the plan comparisons online. Even on providers’ websites, there are handy tables with all the services listed side by side. This is a very convenient method of studying the available plans and deciding which one will work for you.

Also, don’t forget to look at both services and cell phone options. These days, providers offer all kinds of cell phones with their plans, including the new Android and Apple smartphones and simplistic, old-fashioned push-button phones.

If you already have a phone and plan to keep using it, check whether a company offers the “Bring Your Phone” service before actually signing up with them.

Finally, read the reviews about the provider you plan to pick. See what other people have to say about the connection quality, especially in your area (since the connection clarity may vary depending on the region). In addition, pay attention to the reviews concerning customer service, just in case you face an issue in the future and have to get it solved by a company representative.

What Cell Phones Can You Use With A No Contract Plan?

Cell Phones Can You Use With A No Contract Plan Basically, you have two options here: either use your own phone or buy one directly from your provider. Now, using your own phone will work only if a company offers the “Bring Your Own Phone” service. All you have to do is buy a no contract plan, and the company’s representative will pair your current phone with the new plan.

A quick note: not all phones work with particular providers’ cards. To check whether your current phone is compatible with the provider’s card you are considering, you can go to the company’s website. Typically, providers have the “Check compatibility” section on their websites, where you need to input the model of your phone to see if it’s suitable for the “Bring Your Own Phone” service. Easy, isn’t it?

Another way you can take advantage of the “BYOP” service is buying a cell phone from a third party (let’s say, online or at the manufacturer’s official store) and using it with your new no contract plan. The provider company representative will “unlock” the new device to be used with their SIM card. You can also find the “unlocked” phone for each particular provider on Amazon.

Finally, you can get yourself a new phone directly from the plan provider. This is the easiest option, mostly suitable for users who don’t really have a cell phone preference. Besides, modern-day providers offer a wide range of options, from the simplest, basic phones to the newest Android-based smartphones and Apple phones. Other model options include Samsung, ZTE, Nokia, Alcatel, HTC, and others. Some providers offer monthly payments on the more expensive models, in case you want an advanced phone but don’t currently have the budget for it.