Key Features of Samsung Galaxy Sky S320VL

  1. Size: How big is it? This Android 6.0 phone is reasonably sized and can be held comfortably by most people.
  2. Design: As with most Samsung devices this Galaxy S320VL also comes in a trendy design. Located conveniently within reach are the necessary buttons you need including the volume & recent app buttons.
  3. Applications: Ever since its release date this Android Smartphone has been gaining popularity thanks to its diverse specs which include WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth 4.1.
  4. Display: Ask any Samsung lover and they’ll tell you about the captivating display screen associated with the brand. This model is no exception. It has a 720 x 1280 resolution on the 5.0 ” display screen for excellent viewing.
  5. Internet Speed: You’ll enjoy fast browsing thanks to the 4G LTE internet speed which uses a CDMA network.
  6. Performance: Because of the 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and 1.5GB ram it’s more than equipped to handle the apps and activities for business & personal use. You can expect an impressive performance from this phone operating on a modern Android system.
Pros & Cons

  • Quality display screen: Most reviews have noted the screen quality is quite good. As a result, you’ll see clear & crisp texts and videos.
  • Long battery life: The removable battery lasts longer compared to other Smartphones’. It may last up to three days depending on usage.
  • Responsive screen: Reviews suggests the screen for this device is highly responsive to touch. Switching between apps is a breeze with no stalling whatsoever.
  • Easy to use: Apart from the easy to read the text it has simple and intuitive controls. This makes it easy to operate whether you’re using the camera or installing headphones.
  • Large Storage: Thanks to its 16 GB internal storage capacity you can store your music, pictures and videos for easy access when you need them. Even though it has a large storage capacity it allows for further memory expansion of up to 128GB. Simply insert a memory card in the microSD card slot.
  • Excellent promotional package: Enjoy endless conversations with this package. It comes with 2GB of data, 1000 minutes and 2000 text messages.
The downside of this phone is no ringtones are included. As a result, you have to first download an app to access the ringtones. Also, the volume button is near the end call button.

Because of this, you might accidentally cut someone off while trying to adjust the volume. Another drawback is with regards to activation. As mentioned in a number of customer reviews you might experience problems when activating your SIM card.

According to most reviews, the mediocre camera is another issue. With only a 5MP rear camera and a front one of 2MP, the pictures captured are of low quality. Plus there’s no storage integration. This means the external MicroSD card may not be integrated into internal memory as found with most Androids.


According to this Samsung Galaxy Sky S320VL review, this is one of the best budget smartphone options to come out of the Samsung range with such impressive specifications.

With its sleek design and features, it functions smoothly & effectively. Since its date release, its ratings have concluded it’s a favorite cell phone among many. Though you might experience problems on initial activation it’s nothing that can’t be sorted out. It’s definitely worth giving a try.