Total Wireless vs Cricket: Which plan to choose?

Technology has improved for a greater change in the society especially in the communication technology sector. People are able to use mobile phones to communicate and access the internet via mobile operator.

Total wireless is an internet provider that gives you the ease to pay the internet as you continue to use it and in cricket, you pay fully before access. There is no installment. Mobile operators give access to internet or phone calls to its subscribers.

Cricket is a mobile plan that is offered by AT/T mobile operators while Total Wireless is offered by Verizon mobile operators.

This article gives a detailed comparison between Total Wireless vs Cricket to help users choose their preferred plan.

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Both the Total Wireless and Cricket are good in terms of network coverage. They have both invested heavily in the provision of their network coverage.


Crickets speed is slightly higher than that of the Total Wireless. With total wireless using the MVNO which is a small company buys the services of the Verizon network, it is slightly slower with a download speed of 5 Mbps and an upload speed of 2 Mbps compared to the Crickets speed which is 8 Mbps but still many consider this slow and can still be used extensively in 4G LTE.

Price plan

Total Wireless plan is quite cheap but it accrues a lot of charges which might not have been in the original bill plan. On the other hand, Cricket is slightly higher in price plan and has a well laid out bill plans on their website, stating clearly how much you will pay for every plan inclusive of tax.


Both providers are very easy to use. You just need to buy and register them so as to start enjoying their services.


Cricket provides quite a lot of services to its users compared to his opponent. It provides roaming services in some country and has quite impressive offers, for instance, the family plan where 10 GB is offered at $100 for a family of four.


Unlike Total Wireless which provides installment, in Cricket, you need to pay all the full monthly phones required. There is no installation or a price plan.

Both providers have different strengths and weaknesses. As you decide to choose your carrier plan, you need to consider your needs. Personally, I think the cricket is quite a deal. It has strong coverage in both the rural and urban. A user needs a carrier that is pocket-friendly and the strong network coverage. Cricket in my case provides the answer to these. About Total Wireless, it also has strength. It has a strong coverage and it’s quite cheaper than the Cricket. But to me, it has quite a number of problems including the limited speed and not being able to text internationally.

But hey! You can always give it try. You never know what suits your needs until you try. If you feel total wireless works a great magic for you, go for it and the same also applies to the cricket. You can always change a carrier plan if need be. It’s not a matter of life and death!