Total Wireless vs Page Plus: What’s the Difference?

Total Wireless and Page Plus are two of the most used network operators. Both of these operators are owned by Tracfone and provide customers with customized plans. Following is a comparison regarding Total Wireless vs Page Plus plans and an overall review of both companies.

Total Wireless

Total Wireless is a Tracfone phone service that offers boundless talk, texting and mobile data plans to their clients, all the while being bolstered by the biggest system supplier in the US. Total Wireless enables clients to bring their own particular gadgets while also offering clients their own particular handsets with different payment plans to benefit the customer. Total Wireless offers basic month to month services plans with talk and text as well as fast mobile data bundles intended to help even the heaviest portable clients.

Clients can refill their registration plans every month by reloading their credit through the web or through WalMart retailers. The client can likewise enlist in Auto-Refill which consequently refills the plan toward the finish of each charging cycle. Total Wireless incorporates no long separation charges, free phone message, access to the account, and no roaming charges. Customers can either keep their current phone numbers or get new ones from their Total Wireless plans.

Total Wireless may be the cheapest option for data coverage. Plans come with transparent costs and no contracts with the option of adding a few “extras” typical of major carriers.

Total Wireless vs Page Plus Whats the Difference_iphone

Page Plus

Page Plus is a mobile network operator which worked solely on the Verizon wireless network. The Verizon network provided the best download speeds the past year which makes it an exceptional choice for Page Plus users. Roaming is supported by Page Plus in areas outside Verizon coverage so extra charges have to be made.

The Page Plus plans require an unlocked cell phone and a Page plus SIM card. There is also the option of getting a phone directly from Page Plus as they offer 47 different sets with a number of different payment plans. You can either buy the phone right away or pay in installments. However, the installments option is designed to rip off customers as they end up paying twice the amount they could have paid. Page plus, in addition to offering normal prepaid monthly plans, offers pay-as-you-go plans which turn out be a good deal for people buying their plans for a long term.

One of the biggest concerns for any customer opting for a data plan is affordability. Page Plus has some respectable choices however, they would be better if there was more information allotted at each level or lower costs per level. The Page Plus operators were the first in the business to cater to customers with existing mobile networks. However, they have lost this edge over the competitors as now every network operator offers this service to establish their sales to customers with less hassle.