Total Wireless vs Straight Talk: What is the Difference?

Straight Talk or Total Wireless? To figure out the answer, we need to look at both of these services and compare them side by side.

General Overview


Total Wireless offers pretty basic personal and shared plans, without activation fees and obligatory monthly bills. All you have to do is bring your phone to Walmart or any other official retailer store (you can search for the closest one on the website) and pick a plan. Or, you can also choose from a selection of phones at a store and have your plan attached to your new device. Overall, this provider is a good option for families who use 3 or more lines but don’t need a lot of mobile data.

Straight Talk offers only personal prepaid monthly plans, which you can get with a new phone online or at numerous Walmart stores across the country. However, you may keep your existing phone and number. The best thing about this provider is that there are no limits in data usage (only in speed).

The Available Plans

The major difference between Total Wireless and Straight Talk is in the plans they have. Let’s look at them.

Total Wireless offers the following services:

  • One-line unlimited talk and text ($25/month).
  • One-line unlimited talk & text, and 5GB ($35/month).
  • Two-line unlimited talk & text, and 8GB ($60/month).
  • Three-line unlimited talk & text, and 12GB ($85/month).
  • Four-line unlimited talk & text, and 15GB ($100/month).

Now, Straight Talk offers a bit different options:

  • Unlimited texting and calling, high speed for the first 2GB, then 2G ($35/month).
  • Unlimited texting and calling, high speed for the first 10GB, then 2G ($45/month).
  • Unlimited texts, calls, and high-speed data ($55/month).
  • Unlimited texting and calling nationwide, high speed for the first 10GB, 400 minutes for Claro Guatemala numbers, unlimited international mobile calls to Canada, Mexico, India, China and a thousand landline destinations – you can dial up to 15 unique numbers per month ($60/month).

Pros and Cons

Now, let’s have a look at major advantages and drawbacks of each provider.

Total Wireless:



  • Signing up doesn’t require a credit check.
  • International calling options.
  • Affordable group plans.
  • Cheap add-ons and 5% auto-refill discounts.
  • When switching, you can keep your existing number and phone or get new ones.
  • Great coverage.


  • Plans are pretty basic and include limited data packs.
  • Only unused add-on data rolls over.
  • International texting isn’t available.
  • Tethering is not allowed.

Straight Talk:



  • Cool reward program.
  • $1 discount each month when enrolled in the auto-refill program.
  • International calling is available.
  • Beneficial for mobile data users.
  • You can keep your old phone if it’s compatible.
  • When getting a new phone, you can use an app to transfer all data from your old phone.


  • The coverage may be spotty sometimes.
  • The data speed drops to 2G after the high-speed limit is reached.
  • No family plans.
  • No international texting.


Can you use a Straight Talk phone on Total Wireless?
It will depend on your phone model. To find out, you need to go to the website and type in the MEID or the serial number of your phone. The results will show whether your particular model can be registered and used with Total Wireless.

Is Total Wireless the same as Straight Talk?
Not really. Both providers operate under one company – TracFone Wireless Inc. However, they offer different plans and use different networks (Total Wireless works on Verizon, while Straight Talk employs Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T cell towers).