Tracfone vs Total Wireless Cell Phone Plans: Which one to choose?

The debate on cell phone plans is an ever unending battle for cellphone providers looking to reel in more customers every day. However, this also means that customers have more to compare before choosing which plan works best for them. With Tracfone and Total Wireless cell phone plans leading the pack, taking a closer look at them to compare is important to get the very best deal in the market.

Tracfone vs Total Wireless Cell Phone Plans Which one to choose_iphone

Service coverage

Total Wireless vs Tracfone varies mainly in service coverage. This comes about as with Tracfone service provided largely depends on selected phones. With phones such as Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Alcatel, Huawei among a few others mainly promoted, coverage on the map mainly depends on the device used. However this is very different from the Total Wireless coverage, as with the bring your own device program started, all devices gain the same coverage with no preferences. Speed also varies as with Tracfone customers who have 4G enabled phones gain more than 2G and 3G customers. Total wireless covers all in the same capacity as even though variations in 4G, 3G and 2G are obvious, coverage and speed in each plan are at full capacity.

Customer control

Total Wireless vs Tracfone variations are also highlighted in customer control offered to all clients. This comes about as in addition to talk time and text service offered by Tracfone, there are also a number of plans offered as value packs that come in handy and start from as low as $10. However, data is extremely restricted as surprise overcharges come about with more use after exhaustion of the plan at hand. This is different from the Total wireless cell phone plans which are best for heavy data users. With Total Wireless plans, customers have complete control over the type of plan they choose. This means that restriction is eliminated on phone selection and data availability can be tailored to one’s needs. The deal is sweetened more with family value plans, meaning many more people can use the same plans for even less.

Payment options

Tracfone has minute cards ranging from as low as 30 minutes to as high as 1500 minutes. The period in which the minutes can be used also varies, as a typical plan ranges from 30 days up to 2 years before expiration. The most popular is the Tracfone 450 minute card, which can also be used for text at $80. One of the best data availability plans is a card going for $50 for speeds of 2G/3G. Value plans can be as low as $10 for talk, text, and data. Total wireless plan, on the other hand, is cheaper. With lower costs of unlimited talk and text with up to 5GB 4G internet at a cost of only $35, the costs are further reduced with plans of $25 for talk and text or just $10 for 5GB data with an option of carryover when unused. Unlike Tracfone, no surprise overage charges arise. The best part is the payments can be done in a span of 24months regardless of the device in question being used.

All in all one thing is clear, even though Tracfone is more popular withcard options eliminating the hustle of payments after use compared to his opponent Total Wireless cell phone plans offer value for money and better customer service.